Nazareth, your boarders have grown. You have grown from a tiny village of Jews to a thriving city in the past 2000 years. Now Arabs and Christains occupy your boards. Do they know what has come from you? Once a man and his family returned to this welcoming village. His family included children, including a step son he would raise as his own, but he knew this was truly the Son Of God, given to his virgin wife through the Spirit of God! This son would grow in this tiny community of less than 400, and most were family in one way or another. He would praise the One Holy God for finding him worthy to be His Sons stepfather, to love Him, to protect Him and to bring Him up in the ways of His ancestors, the Jewish nation. He grew into a young man, learning instruction from both parents. He made the trip to Jerusalem with His brothers and sisters many times to celebrate God’s Holidays! He would join many other family members at the festivals, and celebrate the feasts of their God, His Father. One day back in Nazareth, He began to teach His family and friends on Shabbat in the synagogue, but they could not accept His words, so these friends and family members decided to drag Him to a large cliff far out of town. They would throw Him off the cliff and if that didn’t kill Him, they would finish Him off by throwing large stones on Him. But today was not the day to die, the Father had different plan for this Lamb!

To be continued, or you can cheat, and read your Bible to see what happens next.

Shalom and Blessings

Her Tradition Costs a Lot.

I set in the lobby of my an Israeli Kabbot at 4:00am in the morning, studying my lessons when a woman in her night gown approaches me. She says, are you Hebrew, and I reply no. She said I am desperate and need your help. Can you help me? I ask, what do you need? She said, my airconditioner has stopped working and my room is too hot, can you help me? I told her I was just a guest and didn’t know anything about the airconditioner, but she insisted. I ask her,what room as I followed her up a flight of stairs, carrying my tablet, purse, soda,and water. She said room 310. We have a few more flight to go. I didn’t know why Yah had put me in this situation, but prayed all the way up. Prayed that I could be a blessing to this Jewish woman, and for His protection, because I didn’t know what I was walking into. As we approach the room, I can see the door is open with a small light on inside. I took a couple steps inside and could see two children in one bed and a man in the other. It was the bathroom light which was on, so I stepped back into the light. She pointed to a remote control setting on the dresser just below the tv. She said it worked the airconditioner. I ask her to hand it to me. But she couldn’t, then it all clicked for me! This woman was of no danger to me what so ever. And she truly was in destress with her family! It is SHABBAT! She is not allowed to touch or operate the remote. Her family is laying in a sweltering room because of there religious traditions. I honor her in many ways for this! She honors her God by being faithful to her traditions and sets this example for her children. I do not agree with this tradition, because I have been set free from all religious traditions through Yeshua the Jewish Messiah. I honor her because she came to the lobby and begged me to come and help her. She had a great desire to make her family comfortable, and humbled herself to ask for help from a stranger. I am so thankful to ABBA this morning, for again putting me in the right place at the right time. Now my future task for this beautiful Jewish Woman is to pray that her and her family may come to know their Messiah.

Father, so use me in the smallest ways to bring Glory to you as I travel in the apple of your eye for the next two week. I am your servant, to Your people!

Shabbat Shalom!

Soto Intrigues Me

This 19 year old player stopped me in my tracks one night as I watched my Cubbies play. They just happened to be playing the Nationals that night! While I love watching baseball and my favorite team, I must admit the game is rather slow and I’m usually doing something else while watching. But the first night I saw Juan Soto at the plate batting, I had to stop what I was doing and give this player my full attention. He walked up to the plate like he owned it. His eyes glared at the pitcher as he squared up and waited for the first pitch. He swung and missed. In the same move of the swing, he took a giant step toward the pitchers mound. I thought he was going to head out and hit the pitcher with the bat, but as quickly as he stepped forward, he relaxed and stepped back. Each time that ball came flying from the mound, his reaction was the same. No matter what it was, a ball, a strike, a foul ball, the aggressive step toward the pitcher was the same. He made me want to watch each pitch carefully to see when that giant step was going to turn into an explosion on the pitcher. It never has, but his actions truly intrigue me. I have found myself, looking up his past, how did this 19 year old from the Dominican Republic become so good, so in charge of his game. Now I find myself listening to the Nationals reports to see how he’s doing. The other night he stole three bases, setting a record for someone that young doing it. He plays left field and plays like a seasoned outfielder. This boy will go a long ways in baseball if he can stay healthy. He brings new excitement to the game! He challenges the old status quo, with his new aggression, youthful energy, and his take charge and chances initives. Can’t wait to see where he goes and what he does!

Bath Time

It’s a beautiful late summer day.  The air is still warm mid day and the geese feel the heat.  Their down coats keep them warm all year long.  In the heat of mid-summer days it feels great to get into the cold fresh water of the spring fed creek.  Keeping this coat of down and feathers clean is of most importance when your a goose.  If they don’t they will loose the insulation and covering the feathers are to provide.  Many times a day you can catch  them setting in the creek grooming themselves.  They don’t seem to groom each other, but are always together grooming.  Our land is filled with soot from a forest fire two years ago, sand, and good old healthy black dirt, but yet these two stay sparkling white all the time.  It must be quite a task to stay so beautiful when so challenged with the elements here.  I must confess their outer beauty is deceiving, because on the inside they have the personality of sharks.

Ever need a great watchdog?  Get a goose!


This is blogging class lesson #3, picture of water and blog about it.  Water seemed boring to me today, so you get geese!

Learning My Alef, Bet, Gimel’s

Learning a new language has been quite an eye opener for me. Do you know how many components are involved in learning a new language? Well I’m going to tell you.  A LOT!

Because I teach a Hebrew Roots class and I will be spending a lot of time in Israel in the next year, I have decided to take a couple Hebrew language classes.  The first is a Biblical Hebrew class, and in December I start my conversational Hebrew class.  I have a few weeks of my Biblical Hebrew class under my belt, and was I surprised at the amount of steps it takes to learn this.

#1. You have to learn the shapes of each letter.  In Hebrew they read and write from right to left.  This is so backwards compared to what I have done for 60 years, but my brain doesn’t seem to mine.  This has been easy so far.  Hebrew letters shapes are not close to the English shapes, so there has been a lot of memorization in this area.

#2. You have to learn the name of each letter.  In the title I write Alef, Bet, Gimel, this in English is A, B, G.  They don’t have a C as we think of C in English,  and the G comes before the D-Dalet in Hebrew.

#3.  There are also new sounds to learn.  CH is a Bach sound like the ending of Bach.  It’s a back in the throat sound and not very easy to do. Just clear all that flem out of the back of your throat and you’ve got it.    There is the TS like the end of cats,  and Hebrew words start with this sound.  Try to say a word right now starting with this sound.  It just doesn’t feel right.  Now to top it off, there are two silent letters, I guess just for grins and giggles. Their R is a rolled sound,  which isn’t that uncommon in foreign languages, but difficult for me to do.  Several of the letters sound the same, so you have to learn what letter is used in what case when writing.  I’m just learning how to read Hebrew for now, so I don’t have to worry about this yet, but come December I’ll be learning how to write.

So  far I learned the letter shapes, names, and sounds.  I’m thinking to myself, this is great, I’m almost there, and then I realize…

#4. They have a totally different vocabulary!  What do you mean, Father is not spelled F-A-T-H-E-R?  In Hebrew Father is ABBA, spelled Alef, Bet. Two letters, that’s all!  So now comes the hard part, new vocabulary. After learning the new words, I have to learn the definitions.

Well that about sums it up.  Learning a new language is fun and exciting, and truly exercises the brain.  But it’s also challenging and time-consuming.  I believe there is always victory behind every challenge so I’m going for the gold!

I have a granddaughter in kindergarten and a grandson in preschool. I see there little minds in a new light.  It is amazing how their brilliant brains work.  They accept this challenge with no thought of what it takes to accomplish what they are doing.  They come over and rattle off the ABC’s as if they were born with this talent.  How often we ask them to do this without realizing the process behind it.  These all-absorbing brains are an amazing gift from God.  By the time these children are 6 years old they will be writing and reading words like prose.

I’m glad I’m studying a new language, and I’m glad I’m exercising my brain daily, but most of all; I’m glad God gave me a reason to do it all!

Shalom and Blessing sent for a wonderful day!

The Long Road Home

Isn’t that how life seems at times. The road goes on forever and then suddenly abruptly ends at the foot of giant hill. Sometimes don’t you just want to give up. When you look at the long road ahead and see the climb to get to the top, your not sure if you can make it, or if it’s worth it. This can enter into our lives at so many times. A devastating illness, raising rebellious children, an addiction problem, financial ruins. The list could go on forever. Life at times is so completely overwhelming.

For those who walk in faith, we have an excellent example of how to face these times. Take time, stop and rest, sleep through the storm, don’t respond when your accused, love along the journey. These are a few of the things Yeshua did as He traveled that long road towards victory. He climbed up that unbearable mountain with a cross on His back. He accepted help when it was offered. He made the trip, but the thing we couldn’t see was the curve in the road. And satan was most definitely shocked, because when Yeshua hit that cold hard rock called the grave, He went into the next world and did some work and then turned around and came right back out to finish that last lap.

This picture is deceptive, it looks like it ends at the foot of the mountain, but as you get closer to the end, you will find that the road takes you around this mountain, not over it. That’s like life, we do not have full vision when we look ahead. We can be so easily deceived by the way things look. If you are a child of God, learn from the Son and walk the way He did. There is victory at the end of each trial, no matter how it looks.

Yeshua said “Follow ME”

Luke 9:59-60: Yeshua said to another, “Follow me.”  But he said, Master let me catch up with you after I bury my father.” Yeshua said to him, “Let the dead bury their dead, but come with Me and teach the kingdom of God.”

Two simple verses that have haunted me for the past couple of months.  This man said “NO” to his Master.  How could you say no to following Yeshua when you have a personal invitation from Him. Is this guy nuts? Aren’t these thoughts we have all had. Now I am faced with the exact same dilemma.  The Father has called me to serve Him in Jerusalem for three months next spring.  He has not told me what I will be doing, all he said is, “Here you will stay and do My will”.  My heart says yes, but my head says Father don’t you see what I have going on here at home?  You see, I am so blessed to still have both my parents living, but they are aging, and my husband is not the same man he was 5 years ago.  He struggles daily with physical pain and mental distress since his terrible work accident.  I like to think through blind obedience I said yes to my Master, Teacher, and Father.  I made the arrangements purchased the tickets, and I’m preparing to leave.  But I still questioned…

Until our little conversation this morning at 3:00am.  You see I and the Father, through the Spirit meet often in the early morn to discuss things on my mind, or sometimes things not on my mind, but things He wants me to know.  And we met again this morning.  I awoke with the two above bible verses on my mind.  Now, through my Hebrew studies I have learned that this man’s father was not yet dead and this son was taking care of his responsibility and commandment to care for his aging parent.  However, he had brothers and sisters who could do this and he would be free to follow Yeshua.  Very few were ask face to face, on a personal level to follow the Master, yet he said no. How could I even consider doing the same thing.  How often have I condemned this man for not following, and now the same thoughts rush through my head.  Father forgive me for this sin of judgement and doing the same thing.  

So He woke me, with these very simple precious words, ” I will care for yours while you are away caring for mine.

How beautiful are the words of My Lord.  What sweet reassuring tenderness to hear from the Creator of all things, the Almighty, the Ruler of the universe. Not only did I hear words I needed to hear about my loved ones, but I heard my job duties.  I will simply be,  Caring for His.  This is still not very clear, but I know that He has spent the past two years equipping me for this journey, and He will be with me every second of every moment.  And I need not worry about the things at home, because He will care for them.

May this simple lesson bless you in some way today, and I pray Shalom in your life.


Shalom as you learn to say Yes to His calling.

Home Sweet Home

I live in one of the most beautiful locations in the USA. I live in a small log cabin that was built in 1940. Its located on our 40 acres of forested land. Pines, oaks, elm, and birch fill the land along with small creatures and birds who call them home. Crow creek gently runs just feet in front of the cabin. The only source of water for miles in these beautiful hills. The cool spring water brings deer, turkey, elk and many other critters to that cool drink of refreshing goodness. We truly see each season come and go. Fall with the beautiful colors surrounding us, winter with deep white snow, and beautiful frosted windows, spring with the sounds of new birth in the air, new flowers, new leaves. All is renewed again, and it all expodes into a productive summer again. A time of growth, preparation for the next season, cool evenings with friends and family around the campfire. Yes, I’m sure I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

To Blog or Not to Blog: That is the question.

This was a hard decision for me.  Should I take the time to learn how to blog, or just use the other social media apps I already know.  Well after careful consideration,  I decided to blog. I have some friends who will find daily thoughts and inspiration enlightening. And then there are other friends who just don’t care. So I will let you choose.  I will faithfully share, and you will or will not enjoy it, depending on your wants. In this blog I intent on sharing many of my thought on the bible classes I’m taking from Jerusalem Biblical studies and my many adventures in Israel. My first trip being in 8 days. So learning to blog in the next week is very important.  So bear with me this next week as I travel down the blogging road to successfully blogging.