Home Sweet Home

I live in one of the most beautiful locations in the USA. I live in a small log cabin that was built in 1940. Its located on our 40 acres of forested land. Pines, oaks, elm, and birch fill the land along with small creatures and birds who call them home. Crow creek gently runs just feet in front of the cabin. The only source of water for miles in these beautiful hills. The cool spring water brings deer, turkey, elk and many other critters to that cool drink of refreshing goodness. We truly see each season come and go. Fall with the beautiful colors surrounding us, winter with deep white snow, and beautiful frosted windows, spring with the sounds of new birth in the air, new flowers, new leaves. All is renewed again, and it all expodes into a productive summer again. A time of growth, preparation for the next season, cool evenings with friends and family around the campfire. Yes, I’m sure I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

To Blog or Not to Blog: That is the question.

This was a hard decision for me.  Should I take the time to learn how to blog, or just use the other social media apps I already know.  Well after careful consideration,  I decided to blog. I have some friends who will find daily thoughts and inspiration enlightening. And then there are other friends who just don’t care. So I will let you choose.  I will faithfully share, and you will or will not enjoy it, depending on your wants. In this blog I intent on sharing many of my thought on the bible classes I’m taking from Jerusalem Biblical studies and my many adventures in Israel. My first trip being in 8 days. So learning to blog in the next week is very important.  So bear with me this next week as I travel down the blogging road to successfully blogging.