Yeshua said “Follow ME”

Luke 9:59-60: Yeshua said to another, “Follow me.”  But he said, Master let me catch up with you after I bury my father.” Yeshua said to him, “Let the dead bury their dead, but come with Me and teach the kingdom of God.”

Two simple verses that have haunted me for the past couple of months.  This man said “NO” to his Master.  How could you say no to following Yeshua when you have a personal invitation from Him. Is this guy nuts? Aren’t these thoughts we have all had. Now I am faced with the exact same dilemma.  The Father has called me to serve Him in Jerusalem for three months next spring.  He has not told me what I will be doing, all he said is, “Here you will stay and do My will”.  My heart says yes, but my head says Father don’t you see what I have going on here at home?  You see, I am so blessed to still have both my parents living, but they are aging, and my husband is not the same man he was 5 years ago.  He struggles daily with physical pain and mental distress since his terrible work accident.  I like to think through blind obedience I said yes to my Master, Teacher, and Father.  I made the arrangements purchased the tickets, and I’m preparing to leave.  But I still questioned…

Until our little conversation this morning at 3:00am.  You see I and the Father, through the Spirit meet often in the early morn to discuss things on my mind, or sometimes things not on my mind, but things He wants me to know.  And we met again this morning.  I awoke with the two above bible verses on my mind.  Now, through my Hebrew studies I have learned that this man’s father was not yet dead and this son was taking care of his responsibility and commandment to care for his aging parent.  However, he had brothers and sisters who could do this and he would be free to follow Yeshua.  Very few were ask face to face, on a personal level to follow the Master, yet he said no. How could I even consider doing the same thing.  How often have I condemned this man for not following, and now the same thoughts rush through my head.  Father forgive me for this sin of judgement and doing the same thing.  

So He woke me, with these very simple precious words, ” I will care for yours while you are away caring for mine.

How beautiful are the words of My Lord.  What sweet reassuring tenderness to hear from the Creator of all things, the Almighty, the Ruler of the universe. Not only did I hear words I needed to hear about my loved ones, but I heard my job duties.  I will simply be,  Caring for His.  This is still not very clear, but I know that He has spent the past two years equipping me for this journey, and He will be with me every second of every moment.  And I need not worry about the things at home, because He will care for them.

May this simple lesson bless you in some way today, and I pray Shalom in your life.


Shalom as you learn to say Yes to His calling.

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