Soto Intrigues Me

This 19 year old player stopped me in my tracks one night as I watched my Cubbies play. They just happened to be playing the Nationals that night! While I love watching baseball and my favorite team, I must admit the game is rather slow and I’m usually doing something else while watching. But the first night I saw Juan Soto at the plate batting, I had to stop what I was doing and give this player my full attention. He walked up to the plate like he owned it. His eyes glared at the pitcher as he squared up and waited for the first pitch. He swung and missed. In the same move of the swing, he took a giant step toward the pitchers mound. I thought he was going to head out and hit the pitcher with the bat, but as quickly as he stepped forward, he relaxed and stepped back. Each time that ball came flying from the mound, his reaction was the same. No matter what it was, a ball, a strike, a foul ball, the aggressive step toward the pitcher was the same. He made me want to watch each pitch carefully to see when that giant step was going to turn into an explosion on the pitcher. It never has, but his actions truly intrigue me. I have found myself, looking up his past, how did this 19 year old from the Dominican Republic become so good, so in charge of his game. Now I find myself listening to the Nationals reports to see how he’s doing. The other night he stole three bases, setting a record for someone that young doing it. He plays left field and plays like a seasoned outfielder. This boy will go a long ways in baseball if he can stay healthy. He brings new excitement to the game! He challenges the old status quo, with his new aggression, youthful energy, and his take charge and chances initives. Can’t wait to see where he goes and what he does!

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