Nazareth, your boarders have grown. You have grown from a tiny village of Jews to a thriving city in the past 2000 years. Now Arabs and Christains occupy your boards. Do they know what has come from you? Once a man and his family returned to this welcoming village. His family included children, including a step son he would raise as his own, but he knew this was truly the Son Of God, given to his virgin wife through the Spirit of God! This son would grow in this tiny community of less than 400, and most were family in one way or another. He would praise the One Holy God for finding him worthy to be His Sons stepfather, to love Him, to protect Him and to bring Him up in the ways of His ancestors, the Jewish nation. He grew into a young man, learning instruction from both parents. He made the trip to Jerusalem with His brothers and sisters many times to celebrate God’s Holidays! He would join many other family members at the festivals, and celebrate the feasts of their God, His Father. One day back in Nazareth, He began to teach His family and friends on Shabbat in the synagogue, but they could not accept His words, so these friends and family members decided to drag Him to a large cliff far out of town. They would throw Him off the cliff and if that didn’t kill Him, they would finish Him off by throwing large stones on Him. But today was not the day to die, the Father had different plan for this Lamb!

To be continued, or you can cheat, and read your Bible to see what happens next.

Shalom and Blessings

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