The Sea of Salt

I sit in the early morning heat. It’s 5:00am in Israel and the temperature is 80 degrees. A gentle breeze blows the freshness of the Sea over the balcony. The aroma of a freshly brewed Israeli coffee lingers in the air, as it cools before I let it pass these lips. The sounds of the early morning is not filled with the sounds of nature as it is at home, but it is filled with the business of people preparing for another day to serve the thousands of tourists that have come to vacation in these healing waters. The Sea already carries the sounds of worship, as people have went down to praise Yah in the darkness of this early morning. Their sweet worship, laughter, and joy brings the waters alive in the dawn of first light! The salt from the Sea is so heavy but yet it seems in infiltrate the air and it leaves a saltiness on your lips. The atmosphere for a weary traveler is calming, soothing, and refreshing. I know the relaxed coolness of this day will burst into a frinzy of activity and heat. By noon it will be over 100 degrees and thousands will flock to the Sea, pools and shopping center. I’m thankful for places like this for Israel. It gives the Israeli people hope. So many come to see the beauty and the wonders of this Holy Land. By just coming here to vacation we bless this land and it’s people. But I have not come to vacation. I am not a tourist, but a soldier of the Most High. I will march this land from north to south, and east to west, and proclaim each step for my King Yeshua. He will soon take this land and we who have followed His commands will follow with Him and rule the earth with Him from this most Holy of Lands, Israel!

May your day be blessed with a glimmer of Glory from on Most High. My His purpose be fulfilled through you, His chosen; and may your day be filled with Shalom!

Pastor CyRilla