Winter Garden





























I love walking out in the Embassy Garden.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I’m not from Israel so I have no knowledge as to when things bloom and when they are dormant.  I do know it’s winter season here.  The days are short, and a cool wind often blows rain in from the Mediterranean sea just a few miles away.  The days are still sunny and warm, but the night can put a good chill in your bones.  Draping yourself in a warm blanket in the evening as you spend time visiting with good friends or reading a great book is a good idea.  As I work around in the garden I noticed so many different plants in bloom. There is also new growth all over.  New plants seem to be sprouting everywhere they can; even in the cracks on the stone pathway, under overgrown bushes, and anywhere the warmth of the sun touches for part of the day.  The Embassy has a gardener and his employees come once a month to care for the garden.  This time as they arrived and looked at the garden, they noticed a difference also.  The gardener was shocked to see the rose bushes in full bloom and so many blossoms throughout the garden.  More than 20 plants are blooming at this time.  The new growth of new plants in the yard also shocked him.  And of course with so much new growth, weeds have found their way into the garden also.  So he really had his work cut out for him.  Bushes overgrown had to be trimmed back, weeds were hand pulled so not to disturb the other new growth.  He picked a bouquet of fragrant flowers and brought them to the door for our table.  After 4 hours of hard work, he and his crew were finished and the garden looks great.   After they left I couldn’t help but feel that we are so blessed to have such a beautiful garden.  Then the Lord brought to mind;  The Embassy is a house of prayer, worship and praise.  We do things here with the love of Yeshua in our hearts, whether it’s serving guests from far away lands, or taking care of the garden.  I believe the garden has responded to the love that fills this place.   It is flourishing in the midst of our prayers, our praise, and our worship to God.  We know He is the giver of great gifts and the Embassy garden is a beautiful gift, and wonderful surprise and testimony to many who will come and see it, even in the winter time.  God gets all the Glory for this winter time beauty!